Authentic Handcrafted CSSAmong us webdevelopers there's so much variety it seems so hard to choose what is quality and what isn't. So, we decided that in our niche of the world we had need for something that would set us, professionals, apart from the rest. So, we had a long hard look at what makes us special; what it is that sets us apart from the crowd. And that's when it hit us.


The idea started with the comment, 'CSS is like moulding clay'. And this is true, once a solid, semantic, basis is formed in html we start moulding the visual representation into the design that has been chosen for the page. There's many ways to skin a cat, but the most advanced control is that of a hands-on experience. So, we roll up our virtual sleeves, leave behind us all the visual tools and embrace our text editor, setting our first tentative steps towards the highest grade of quality.


The result is style, art and finesse. Like so many more tangible produce out in the world, our hands-on experience sets us apart. With a lot of care and control a visual representation is moulded out of a boring black and white textual perception of the page, our level of control only being possible by using the direct hands-on experience. Hands-on often means handcrafted, careful and exquisit, in other words, quality. So, like all the other handcrafted produce of the world, we label ours too, proud to bring you our highest of quality products, moulded with Authentic Handcrafted CSS!


So, if we've managed to convince you, and you want to join this revolutionary group of enthusiasts, just download the logo package and add one to your page, possibly linking it here so that people may read and understand what you're about.


Many thanx to Peter Nederlof who, with much enthusiasm, went right ahead and designed the logo after hearing my crazy idea :).