This homepage is build to allow for a place where I hope to help you enjoy creating this illusion we call Internet as much as I do. This website should, hopefully, be a source for helping out you, or other programmers, in finding a different solution to both common and uncommon problems.

At the same time it will serve to show-case my skills and hopefully get a bit of a reflection of what my peers and betters think of what I do.

All solutions are published under '☺ License' unless indicated otherwise. All publications remain copywrited by me and a written acknowledgement is required to use these materials for any purpose other than personal archiving for later use.

About me

Right, me, uhm, where do I start. Let's start simple, I'm Martin "Windgazer" Reurings. I'm a male blonde god from the insignificantly small Netherlands. You know, that country nobody can find, with it's people spread all over the world infiltrating your trade-systems? No really, small country, big mouth and I'm no god either, I wish ;)

I've lived here all of my live, born, bred, probably will die here and I'm a part-time backpacker, never quite at home for an extended amount of years, but I can't stay away from home either.

In between my short bouts of backpacking I work in IT-related jobs, been there done that, bought the cd-rom. I sold computers, built computers, repaired, demolished, installed, programmed, cracked, hacked and fried computers. I remember the days when we had radio broadcasts from which we could tape C64 games and I've bitfucked in assembly, but that's the good ol' days.

These days I'm a front-side specialist, I help create the visual illusion that everybody nowadays calls 'the Internet'. To this end you can find me on Github, Bitbucket, experts-exchange, stackoverflow, LinkedIn (in various interest groups) or Google+. That's hardly an exhaustive list, but it gets you the general picture.

I also have a social life, but I bet you didn't come here to read about that anyways ;).


Some silliness you might want to know about:

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and build listening to U2, and all that jazz